Pallet Pattern Calculator

  Why Guess?  

Finding the best pallet pattern shouldn't be left to chance.


You give the Pallet Pattern Calculator box and pallet dimensions. It gives you a list of all reasonable arrangements for the pallet, and ranks them by their efficiency (boxes per pallet). At any time you can choose a pattern from the list to view and print.

  Do you have the best pallet patterns for your product?  
  • Are your pallet patterns easily conveyed to the person loading the pallet?
  • Are you consistently using the same pattern for a carton? That translates into accurate inventories.
  • Are your patterns optimized for space utilixation? For stack integrity?
  • If possible, could adding an inch of overhang give you another carton per tier?

Easy to Use.

  • There are only three windows to navigate:
      1) Setup a pallet
      2) Coose from a list of patterns for that pallet
      3) Display/Print your selected pattern
  • Help windows explaining fields and terms at just the click of a help button.
  • Use any unit of measure for size,weight and currency.
  Multiple registration options.  
  • Monthly or three month use license for internet use.
  • Corporate license for only $500. Includes a stand-alone executable customized with your corporate logo on the printout. Also a permanent use license for the internet version.
  If you have purchased a corporate license logon to our Download Center to install.  
  Try the Pallet Patern Calculator demo version now!  
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